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Explore a variety of fun and exciting ideas for your camp buddy experience. From outdoor activities to team building exercises, find inspiration to make your camp buddy adventure unforgettable.

Hiro Akiba (秋葉 裕, Akiba Hiro) is one of the love interests in the game Camp Buddy that Keitaro Nagame can pursue. He is Keitaro's best and closest friend since kindergarten. Hiro's childhood was focused greatly around his best friend, Keitaro, and mother, Hina Akiba, who is known to be prone to illness and known to have an unspecified condition. When the two were younger, Keitaro would come over to Hiro's place often, and the two were noted to have done gardening with one another while…

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⚠️Female readers and Fujoshi's DNI⚠️ ~Camp Buddy Boys x M!reader fanfics ~This might contain Spoilers for the story (but I'll put a warning if it does) ~ Each story will have a section at the top telling you info such as if its smut or pure fluff ~ This was made on a phone so sorry if it looks weird on computer Cover made by me ^-^

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