Calendar time

Make the most of your schedule with creative calendar time ideas. Stay organized and have fun with these innovative ways to plan your days and manage your time effectively.
Incorporating songs during our calendar time lends itself to multi sensory learning in my special education classroom. Check out 3 of my favorite songs to use during calendar time. Preschool Calendar Time, Calendar Time Kindergarten, Time Kindergarten, Teaching Calendar, Kindergarten Architecture, Morning Calendar, Kindergarten Calendar, Calendar Skills, Preschool Calendar

My Absolute Favorite Songs to Support Calendar Skills - You Aut-A Know

Daily calendar time is a favorite for my students in my classroom. What they don’t know is that everything we do during calendar time serves a purpose. Every song I use during our morning calendar time is designed to help my students learn the days of the weeks, months of the year, types of weather, ... Read More about My Absolute Favorite Songs to Support Calendar Skills

Sandra Buchheit
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I share what and how we use morning time to bring my family of 6 together.

Morning Time is a coming together of all of the children in a home education setting, enjoying subjects that span across a wide age range. Usually these subjects emphasize character training, connection, truth, goodness, and beauty. Here are seven elements of our morning time!

Hannah Ainsworth