Bus home conversion

Transform a bus into a cozy home with these creative ideas. Discover how to maximize space, add unique features, and create a comfortable living environment in your bus conversion.
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We have a treat for you today! This #vanlife share is sure to make you smile and fill you will vanlife #goals. Marte and her husband, Jed, purchased their bus (Lloyd) two and a half years ago and took 18 months to renovate it into their dream home-on-wheels. They sold everything and hit the road with their two children, Ellida and Embla, and now spend their days making memories that will last forever.

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Complete with ovens, closets, beds, and fold-out desks these converted mobile dwellings may inspire you to Marie Kondo your life and take a journey of your own. Camping, Camper, School Bus Camper, School Bus Tiny House, School Bus Conversion, School Bus House, Converted School Bus, Bus Conversion, Bus House

Picture your ideal backyard and magnify it into a vast valley of wildflowers or transform it into a serene beach with crashing waves - that is the oasis some people have created for themselves by taking their life on the road. Van life is a growing lifestyle among adventurers who convert old buses and vans into whimsical mobile homes ready for wherever the wind takes them.

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Colin and Ashley were once the proud owners of Stray Leif, the 1999 Bluebird Bus, a former school bus that they lovingly transformed into a house on wheels for themselves at their young son. While the couple enjoyed their bus transformation journey together, Stray Leif wasn’t Colin’s first rodeo. In 2016, before he had even met Ashley, he owned a bus that he performed a roof raise on before selling it. Later, he purchased a 1994 Dodge van that he converted. As that van was nearing…