Burp cloth set

Keep your little one clean and comfortable with our adorable burp cloth sets. Discover the perfect set that combines style and practicality for your baby's needs.
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A couple of days ago I posted some photos of projects that I've been making the last couple of weeks for a couple of granddaughters that will arrive in February and March. Here are a few more of those projects... A number of years ago I made this pattern for a Diaper/Wipe Tote. I named it the "Dwipe," and have been selling the pattern in my Etsy shop ever since. If you need a quick homemade gift for a mother-to-be, this should be your go-to gift. It's such an easy pattern to sew and it's…

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A tutorial for burp cloths? When there are a million out in blog land? Okay, at least a thousand. Well, every person adds their own spin on it. And you know, before I got into blogging I had a small etsy business called Joon Bug Baby where I sold blankets, burp cloths, simple baby items […]

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Did you know I have a shop full of patterns? I used to sew a lot when the girls were smaller and took nice, long naps. They also had no interest in scissors. Those days seem so dreamy now. :) To celebrate the arrival of baby Adeline, I thought I'd so a sale! Here is a sample of what is in the my Etsy Shop: The Pod Swaddler Pattern (that's Norah!) The Scoop! Easiest and most effective burp clothes! Fast, fun and easy! SALE Just purchase a pattern and then in your notes, let me know which…

15 easiest baby gifts to make. Also link at bottom of post to even further ideas. Easy Baby Gifts To Make, Diy Baby Burp Cloths, Homemade Baby Blankets, Baby Gifts To Make, Gifts To Make, Shower Bebe, Baby Sewing Projects, Quilt Baby, Burp Cloth Set

These are the easiest home made baby gifts to make for baby showers, newborns, and new mothers. You'll love these pictured instructions and full tutorials on how to make these adorable home made baby gifts. Easiest Baby Gifts To Make 1. Onesie Cupcake Tutorial ~ If you are giving onesies at a baby shower, why not present them as cupcakes in a cute basket? Complete them with hair bow “toppings”. 2. Wet Bag Tutorial ~ Wet bags are perfect for storing soiled diapers, wet undies, or a wet swim…

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