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Morty & Bob’s | Community Post: 20 Splendid Street Food Vendors To Check Out In London

Transforming the humble cheese toasty into the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich using the best of British cheese, Morty and Bobs adopt a unique three-cheese blend which is grilled in artisan sourdough with a secret M&B cheese sauce and a sprinkling of mixed onions; oozy in the middle, crispy on the outside. This is the ‘Straight Up’- their classic grilled cheese and the foundation for all of our sandwiches made extra special with a side serving of sweet potato fries, sauerkraut or their M&B…

Samantha Hartman | Infinite Abyss
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Empty Scene with a Dark Street Food Van Standing in the Evening in a Nice Warmly Lit Neighbourhood Next to the Sea. Food Truck Has Burgers and Drinks for Sale. Tables Have Bottles on Them.

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