Bunk bed storage

Discover innovative bunk bed storage ideas to make the most of your space. Optimize your room layout and keep belongings organized with these smart storage solutions.
What kid doesn't dream of being on the top bunk? But once your little one gets up there, reality hits hard: there's nowhere to store special stuff! Bedside tables don't float in the air (yet), so until they do, here are some storage solutions for the upper bunk kid. Storage Ideas, Bedside Caddy, Bedside Storage, Bedside Shelf, Storage, Dorm Storage, Storage Spaces, Laptop Storage, Bed Storage

Bunk beds are a great way to have two people share a bedroom, and they’re a great solution for small bedrooms as well. But as spectacular as bunk beds may be, they leave little room for organization. Unlike a regular bed setup, there are limited storage options for bunk beds, making it difficult to keep things like books, glasses and water bottles next to the bed. Enter the bunk bed shelf.

Stephanie H
IKEA's Fintorp system is a rail-based organizer of hooks, wire baskets, and metal caddies. There are a plethora of creative ways to use it in your home. Challenges, Kid Spaces, Playroom Organisation, Kids Storage, Kids Playroom, Kids' Room, Kids' Desk, Playroom Organization, Playroom

Yes, tiny kitchens can be adorable, but they can pose problems when it comes to having adequate space to store cookware, prep and keep food, cook and eat, and house your plants (hey, that’s important, too!). You might be able to renovate, but that’s certainly costly—and perhaps not an option if you’re renting. But where some see a problem, IKEA hackers naturally see an opportunity. They don’t just stick to the store’s kitchen section, either!

Emma Bolden