Built in refrigerator ideas

Upgrade your kitchen with these creative built-in refrigerator ideas. Discover how to maximize space and create a seamless look in your kitchen with these innovative designs.
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My original criteria for a refrigerator was to minimize it as MUCH as possible. In some kind of vortex of frugal-impossibility, the fridge I had settled on was $1,300 AND had a larger interior than our current fridge, despite having a smaller exterior footprint. I was VERY pleased with myself. But, like much of life, […]

Kevin Halliburton
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If you look at high-end kitchens, they often have built-in appliances and their fridges look one with the cabinetry. It is a very custom look, but when I started to look into doing something like that in my kitchen, I found that the appliances used to obtain that look are super pricey! So I found

Kristie Thor