Bradley dolls

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bradley dolls. Explore a collection of beautifully crafted dolls that will bring joy and nostalgia to your heart. Start your own collection today!
I wish mod Bradleys were easier to come by. Retro, Dolls, Vintage, People, Toys, Vintage Dolls, Dolly, Bradley Dolls, Doll Toys

How I long to have a bradley but never found one I like ... These pictures helps me "collect" myself. these are mostly from my contacts or flickr members...& i thank them for letting me make a gallery out of these! enjoy Bradley from around the world... Thank u for sharing,people.Keep pouring in with yr rainy day pictures people!I think you guys are truly awesome w yr photography! This is a gallery for viewing purposes only Pls let me know if u like me to remove the pic. Curator Joanne Teh…

Rebecca Forsyth
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I�ve recently become a little obsessed with another type of doll. The vintage pose doll. I�ve been planning an article on them for awhile now but digging up information on them proves more difficult than digging up a beautiful doll at a swell bargain! One blogger writes, �Certainly, Bradley Dolls don�t have the stunning quality...

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