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Design and print custom boxes for packaging, gifts, and more using our easy-to-use Box Template Maker. Personalize your boxes with unique shapes and sizes to make your products stand out.
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This page is a resource for DIY artists, graphics designers and everyone who likes paper crafts. It contains an ever growing number of templates for gift boxes and increasingly more other interesting things that can be made out of paper. The templates are all dynamic: you can customize almost all dimensions. All templates are free, no login is required.

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A typical, straight-forward gift box. The most used box for packing all kind of presents for a Birthday, Christmas or other celebrations. This box is very similar to the “Card Box” and the “Shallow Box”, but the layout of the template (net) is different. This template makes most efficient use of your sheet of paper if the dimensions are close to each other. Templatemaker will try to correct impossible values automatically. Be aware of this if, for example, the thumb hole is smaller than you…

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A long, thin tube shaped box that can be opened from either end. You'll find hundreds of different models of these at the local supermarket. It is used as a medication box, for packing bottles of perfume and of course for playing cards. The default dimensions are fine for a set of standard, European, playing cards (“bridge size”). The Material Thickness is only used for the geometry of the tuck flap. (Poker sized playing card measure 2.5×3.5 inch, by the way.)

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