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Explore a collection of unique and creative bottle design ideas that will inspire your next project. From innovative shapes to eye-catching labels, discover how to create a standout bottle design that grabs attention.
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7 min read Browsing in the beauty section of your favorite store, you find yourself drawn to a certain brand…it is somehow calling you…it speaks to your philosophy about life…it is beautiful and you must own it! You buy it and leave the store dazed and a little euphoric. What just happened? You were overpowered […]

Ilaria Paganelli
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A non-alcoholic spirit cannot be as intoxicating as an alcoholic drink?! With Changin’ you can explore a new mindset whilst enjoying the intense taste of selected, distilled herbs in a non-alcoholic spirit. Expand your horizon, get intoxicated by the taste of Changin’ and let the special herbal composition change something within you – your perspective. The…

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Creative Agency: Lavernia & CienfuegosProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkPackaging Content: WineLocation: SpainBottle and graphic for wine. Bodegas BocopaLAUDUM is the genitive plural of Laus, the Latin word meaning praise, glory, fame. For such a classic, Latin name, with strong Roman overtones, we have designed this bottle with references to columns of the Lonic or Corinthian…

Alan Evans

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