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I ❤ crazy quilting . . . BoHo Bag Tutorial- Size and How Many Pockets? First some answers before you even asked the questions . . .   I thought it a lot before I began and here are the things I felt were important to me: Please read . . .

This is a step by step tutorial on how Susie Wolfe and I made our BoHo bags.... If I don't explain something well enough or you feel I have left out a step... please comment and with your help it should end up being a useful tutorial... I'm going to not only tell you how we did it but why we made some of the decisions I did along the way.. This is my bag on the left..The flap is on the front and a pocket on the back. This is Susie's bag which has no flap and a pocket on both sides. Size and…

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PRODUCT DETAILS The Neille Einin Macramé Purse 1970, will put you in the groove of chic bohemian style. This handcrafted work is assembled with jute or cotton and features a macramé diamond pattern. The 1970 design is available in both purse and tote size, and is available in multiple colors of cotton or jute. -Material: Jute or Cotton -Colors: Bronze Jute / Natural Jute / Indigo Jute / Terra Cotta Jute / White Cotton / Orchid Cotton----Jute Combination -Jute - Burlap Lining / Cotton…

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This is a small wall hanging I made for my friend, Mrs. Drew. She is an awesome artist in many mediums. She used to teach art as well as create art. She is retired now and teaches her grandson the art of Japanese calligraphy as he learns all the Kanji symbols. We became friends when I worked in Juno Beach. She is Japanese American and her husband was an officer in the Coast Guard. She loves America so I made these traditional quilt star blocks with red, white, and blue fabric. The square in…

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