Blue succulents

Add a touch of charm to your garden with these unique and beautiful blue succulents. Discover top ideas to incorporate these stunning plants into your outdoor space.
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Succulents are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening due to their low maintenance and ability to grow in dry conditions. While there are hundreds of varieties of succulents to select from, some are more uncommon and unique than others. These unusual and distinct succulents are certain to add interest and personality to your collection. 30 Exotic And Unique Succulents That Are Very Rare.

Renee Kornegay
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Double Jill is a unique 2" calico ball shaped blooms in shades of yellow, peach, orange, white, and pink. Please do not order ranunculus, anemones, or seeds WITH dahlia tubers in the same order, UNLESS you would like both shipped together in April. If you would like your corms or seeds earlier, please order them separately. Thank you!

Violet Mitten