Blood ruby

Uncover the allure and legends behind the blood ruby. Explore the fascinating world of these rare gemstones and find inspiration for your next jewelry piece.
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Sarosi By Timeless Gems - Unheated 3.53 Carat “Pigeon’ Blood” Gia Unset 3-Stone Engagement Ring Gem Artisan Ruby

This 3.53 carat unheated ruby has absolutely magnificent color! It is the perfect shade of pure, intense, almost electric red with no secondary colors. Top-quality rubies are so valuable they are generally cut to retain as much of the original crystal as possible, so it is not easy to find a well-proportioned stone that exhibits superior color and light return through the top of the gem, (also known as the "crown"). This exquisite gem measures 8.37 x 7.99 x 5.36 millimeters and is extremely…

Sarah Bethlehem
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Harakh - 1.04 Ct Ags Certified Pigeon Blood Loose Stone Made Modern Ruby

This is an opportunity for you to get made-to-order jewelry designed and work with award winning jeweler Harakh Mehta. Presenting this gorgeous AGS Certified ‘Pigeon Blood’ 1.04-carat faceted no heat natural pear shaped Ruby. This precious gemstone measures 8.47 x 5.28 x 2.56 (mm) and is free of any treatments. Rubies are a traditional choice for an engagement ring stone because of their rarity. This can also be made up into any other design of your choice. This piece of jewelry will be…

Khanh Nguyen