Black shiba

Discover the cuteness of black Shiba Inus with our collection of adorable pictures and interesting facts. Learn more about this unique breed and find your new furry friend today.
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King Ky
Black Shiba Inu - very pretty breed

Black Shiba Inu The Black Shiba Inu - the rarest Shiba Inu! They are as rare as the white Shiba Inu dogs because most breeders sell the red Shiba Inu because they are easier to sell. The Black Shiba Inu looks like a Siberian Husky, but only prettier! The tan markings are more defined and prominent. I just love the Black Shiba Inu eyebrows – how cool lookin’ is that?! Tan markings that resembles a husky! Wow! Nice eyebrows!

Rachael Ehrenberg