Black sesame

Discover a variety of delicious and nutritious recipes using black sesame. Try these flavorful dishes and incorporate the health benefits of black sesame into your diet today.
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These chewy Black Sesame Cookies are absolutely delicious. They’re rich and dense on the inside with a crunchy outer shell. The black sesame seeds give the cookies an unusual look—a dark, almost black inside and grey on the outside. Their distinctive nutty and fragrant flavor makes them perfectly irresistible. When you pull the cookies out of the oven, they’ll be a bit puffed and rounded on the top. As they cool, they will fall a bit and the tops will crack, which I think makes them look…

Lori Bellante
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These orange and black sesame cookies have a great chewy texture with beautiful swirls of black sesame paste marbled throughout the cookie. Miso paste and soy sauce add depth and balance out the sweetness in the cookies. This cookie recipe is adapted from Sarah Kieffer’s Banana Espresso Cacao Nib cookie recipe in her cookbook, 100 Cookies. See notes for make-ahead directions.