Black russian bread

Discover the rich flavors of Black Russian Bread with these delicious recipes. Bake your own loaf at home and enjoy the authentic taste of this classic Russian bread.
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Russian Black Bread

This is a "tried & true" recipe for Russian Black Bread that I've had for years. I have no idea where I got it from, perhaps the back of the rye flour bag or yeast envelope. Prep time includes rising times. January 2009: Recently while going through a box of old cookbooks (stored in my attic), I came across the original copy of this recipe. It is from a 1945 newspaper advertisement for the National Biscuit Company's (aka "Nabisco" ) 100% Bran Cereal. (BTW, Instant coffee has been…

Ramona Ornelas
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Black Russian Rye Bread

The Los Angeles Times use to have a great food section. It was a section all on its own that came out every Thursday. It contained several recipes, reviews of dining locations, great articles. It was all about food...from gardening, food trends to food history. Over the years I've made several wonderful dishes from that section of the paper. I miss it. Now? It's 3 little pages called Food & Dining that comes out in the Saturday Section which includes other articles within its 12 pages (Mind…

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