Birds eye view

Experience the world from a whole new perspective with stunning birds eye view photos and videos. Get inspired and plan your next adventure with these breathtaking aerial views.
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Kimberly Artist

It’s fall in the northern hemisphere. The sun is lower in the sky and dusk is earlier and earlier. Time to get out warmer clothes and pack away the summer ones. But the low sun and early dusk makes for some great opportunities to capture long shadows. I’ve rounded up a few shadow images that […]

Lili Ming
New York | Bird's eye view on life © Katrin Korfmann Inspiration, People, Street Photography, Perspective, Views, Aerial View, Drone Photography, Fotografia, Overhead

At first glance, Katrin Korfmann's enormous images look like abstract paintings, but once the spectators take a closer look, details begin to emerge, serving as a reminder that when viewed from above, all people look the same.

Rianne Blanche