Biga bread recipe

Make your own homemade artisanal bread with this delicious Biga bread recipe. Discover the secrets to achieving a crusty exterior and soft, flavorful interior. Start baking today and enjoy the satisfaction of creating bread from scratch.
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90% biga loaf, as I learned from italian maestro Ezio Marinato.This means when you mix the dough, 90% of the flour is already prefermented. As a result we have a very digestive bread, also a lot of aroma and character.Method:Biga: 900 grams of bread flour + 405 ml water + 3 grams of instant yeast or 90 gr sourdough. Disolve the yeast in water. Add flour. Mix 1 minute at slow speed, just until you get wet flour threads. We don't want to develope gluten in this stage.

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This ciabatta formula really pushes the hydration limit. The dough is super wet, resulting in a super airy dough, and because of the biga that ferments for 12 hours, the flavor is pretty amazing. This recipe produces a lot of dough, enough for two 1 1/2 pound ciabattas and eight ciabattini or four stirato (ciabatta baguettes). I'd love to show you photos of the ciabattini, but they were quickly consumed by my cutie pie grandsons before I could take photos. Priorities people. Those boys own…

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