Best solution for cleaning windows

Discover the best solution for cleaning windows to achieve a streak-free shine. Say goodbye to smudges and dirt with these tried and tested methods for crystal clear windows.
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I have to admit- I really dread cleaning windows. Because, if they’re not done right, they can actually look worse than when you started, and ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ve tried everything from Windex and other store cleaners, to homemade solutions, but I finally came up with a formula for removing that filmy […]

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This article will contain affiliate links, please read my full disclosure policy for more information. If your sitting in the kitchen eating or cooking or maybe typing like me on your computer and look through the window and see dirt on the windows can just ruin the view. Cleaning it can be quite easy if

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A magic way to clean your windows! “Does such a thing really exist in the real world?” You might be wondering to yourself. Yes, it does, just to assure you. Wands and magical training are not required to get started on this. Dawn Dishwashing soap, Jet Dry, and some warm water are all you need.... Read More

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