Best chinese dishes

Indulge in the best Chinese dishes that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Discover mouthwatering recipes and satisfy your love for Chinese cuisine.
Crispy Chilli Beef is one of my favorite Chinese restaurant dishes—strips of tender beef are fried until crispy and then tossed in a sticky, sweet, spicy sauce. It’s easy to make at home, and no deep fryer is needed! Oriental, Stir Fry, Crispy Chilli Beef, Crispy Beef Chinese, Crispy Beef, Chilli Beef Recipe, Fried Beef, Asian Beef, Best Chinese Food Dishes

This crispy chilli beef recipe is surprisingly easy to make and you won't believe the results. Just marinate strips of beef, toss them in potato starch, fry them in oil and then toss them with a sticky, sweet, spicy sauce mix. Add a bowl of rice and some steamed broccoli and you're good to go!

Kimberly Montoya