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Explore the enigmatic portrayal of Sirius by Ben Barnes in the Harry Potter series. Uncover the captivating performance and delve into the character's complexity.
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In which the marauders generation watch Athena Potters life and see the dangers of which awaits them. Where friends becomes enemies and enemies become allies. What happens when they realise they've been lied too? Will they be able to prevent the dangers that are too come? Will there only be 1 war? Philosopher's stone - completed ✅ Chamber of Secrets - completed ✅ Prisoner of Azkaban - completed✅ Goblet of Fire - currently writing ✍️ Order of the Phoenix - not started ✖️ Halfblood Prince…

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For your Harry Potter needs. It includes Harry Ron Draco Fred Cedric Young Sirius Young James Young Remus Tom Riddle All characters are minimum 6th year (aka 16+) My first few chapters are kinda garbage 😭 ⚠️ Some things are kinda mature-ish (13+) . You have been warned ⚠️

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