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There are some comedy all-star matchups that I would love to see at some point. The TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” allowed me to scratch that itch by seeing people like Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady improvise some truly hilarious stuff. This, though, is the stuff that people wish could happen more often.

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These days all I see people do is worry. Worry worry and more worry. All the time, every where just worry. Students worry about exams, results, future and if not anything else, there are always “other” tensions (:P). Grown-ups worry about their jobs, ghar ki tension and inflation in prices………!!! Coming to me… I always worry about the most stupid things, meager stuff, the things least important. In the past too I have worried about many things…. Which at that time held a lot of importance…

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For 20 years they've been inseparable, but TV makeover stars Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan have been forced apart by the viewing public. Colin became the second celebrity voted out of the jungle, leaving his civil partner in floods of tears.

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