Behavior interventionist

Discover proven strategies and techniques for behavior interventionists to support individuals in developing positive behaviors and reaching their goals. Enhance your skills and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.
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Behavior Interventions and Strategies for Teachers

As teachers, we all face different behavior challenges in the classroom. These challenges can change day to day or even year to year, but dealing with student behavior is something that no teacher can escape. We can however, use all the tools in our tool box to proactive instead of reactive. I have found over ... Read More about 3 Behavior Essentials for Teachers

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Check In Check Out Behavior Intervention Guide and Documents - Shop The Responsive Counselor

Check In, Check Out (CICO) is an evidence-based tier 2 behavior intervention for students. It combines adult attention, frequent feedback, self-monitoring, and reinforcement. CICO is for students who are motivated by adult attention/connection and that have moderate levels of misbehavior across multiple settings. This resource has EVERYTHING you need to roll out this behavior management program at your school! This […]

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Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

Welcome to Tulare Joint Union High School District’s online home. We are located in Tulare, California, and are home to approximately 5400 wonderful high school students.

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3 Ways to Support Student Who Elope: Understanding Why Students Run

When a student elopes, it’s one of those behaviors we generally cannot ignore. Here are 3 ways to support students when this happens.

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Ready-to-implement tips for function-based intervention planning - Differentiated Teaching

Dealing with behavior challenges can be draining. As you begin to empty your toolkit of strategies, that frustration only grows. Many times this leads to referring the student to your campus child-study or MTSS team so you can get additional strategies to support the student. Sometimes these meetings are quick and

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Behavior Data Tracking {Behavior Binder}

Do you struggle with organizing and documenting behavior? If you are like me the answer is YES! Behaviors in the classroom can happen so quickly and frequently it can be a struggle to remember to document them right away. I would find myself finding anything to write on to document the behaviors and I was ... Read More about Organizing Behavior Data