Beef croquettes recipe

Learn how to make mouthwatering beef croquettes at home with this easy recipe. Impress your family and friends with this tasty dish that is perfect for any occasion.
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Kroket: Dutch Croquette Made From Scratch

Learn how to make Dutch kroketten from scratch. A Dutch beef croquette is a delicious deep-fried snack with a crunchy outside and tender meat in gravy on the inside. It is a very popular snack in The Netherlands and is either eaten by itself, or with French fries, or on a soft and fluffy bun! Fried to a golden brown color, you can find these delicious beef kroketten anywhere.

Brian Baker
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Dutch Croquettes

A couple years ago the wife and I visited Holland, a very charming country with charming people and charming food and drink. As you might expect, we spent a lot of time in charming little pubs drinking some of their charming beer and wine. We also dined at such establishments quite often, and one thing that was always on the menu was meat croquettes. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of these tubular little fried cylinders of meat the first time I saw them, but I found I had to try them, and…