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Discover the benefits of barre fitness classes and sculpt your body with low-impact exercises that target every muscle group. Try barre fitness today and start seeing results!
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With the summer months in full swing it’s the perfect time to get your body bikini-ready. We all need a little extra motivation when it comes to working out, so I’ve rounded up my top 12 classes in LA to get fit and have fun in the process. Many of these classes can also be found in New York and thr

Daniela Ramirez
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Eating healthily and sensibly has become a way of life for me. In other words, I've been on a never-ending diet since 2009. My days are food-filled with fiber rich smoothies, salads, and lots and lots of fruit and veggies. But I cheat. Often. The buffet binges, my unconquerable addiction to sweets, and my penchant for Flaming Hot Cheetos detrimentally interrupt my otherwise bird-like eating habits. To counteract my inevitable spurts of falling off the healthy eating wagon, I try to work out…

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