Bald spot hairstyles for women

Discover trendy hairstyles specially designed for women with bald spots. Enhance your beauty and boost your confidence with these stunning looks that will make you feel fabulous.
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I had the scare of a lifetime a year ago when I noticed a small bald patch pretty close to the crown of my hair. It was sort of odd because at the time I could not figure out what I did to my hair that would cause any sort of trauma nor did I understand why this patch would seemingly appear out of nowhere. Even though my patch was pretty small it was enough to keep my mind a bit occupied for at least a few days. With that said, I know how devastating bald patches can be and

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Actors know challenges come with the territory, especially physical transformations but while some die-hard artists are willing to do whatever it takes to play a character, most people have their limits, be it no nudity, romance scenes, drug use, or gaining or losing weight, etc. Here is a list of actresses who didn't let a little something like shaving their hair completely off stop them from landing a career-boosting role.

Isabel Marrozos