Baby dachshund

Explore cute and lovable pictures of baby dachshunds and get helpful tips on caring for your new furry friend. Find out everything you need to know about raising a happy and healthy baby dachshund.
10 Exquisite Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears

Visit "" for amazing dog facts & pet dog care tips. Click to read about dogs with floppy ears. These floppy-eared dog breeds are super cute, funny & fluffy- blood hound, basset hound, coonhound, beagle, dachshund, gordon setter, cavalier king charles spaniel, japanese chin, english cocker spaniel, havanese. If you're a dog lover you just can't ignore their droopy ears. #petblog #beaglepuppies #dogtips #petadoption #dogaesthetic

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Sure! Sometimes people say, 'Curiosity killed the cat,' but it can apply to dogs too. Dogs are naturally curious and might do silly things because they want to explore. They might get their heads stuck in things or mistake their reflection for another dog. These funny moments of dogs being curious will make you laugh a lot. Regrets...So Many Regrets 'They told me to swim in the pool, said it would be easy. Turns out, they were mistaken.' He realized his mistake when he couldn't feel solid…

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