Baby Cereal

Introduce your baby to the world of solid foods with these delicious and nutritious baby cereal recipes. From homemade oatmeal to fruit-infused cereals, discover the perfect first food for your little one.
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Rice cereal is one of the most common first foods for babies but there are some great reasons to not feed your baby rice cereal! Ask any mother what her baby’s first food was and almost all will say rice cereal. For the last 50 years, pediatricians have been recommending white rice cereal as baby’s first food. In fact, many well meaning parents (and sadly some doctors) suggest putting rice cereal in a baby's bottle to help them sleep through the night or spit up less. (FYI: Rice cereal has…

Jessica Fortune
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The most common advice still says to start your baby on only infant rice cereal first thing. But is it true that babies should have rice cereal first? Can you skip the rice cereal altogether? Here's what you need to know when it comes to baby's first bites.

Parise Meunier-Côté

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