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Hey guys, im new to building box's so i was wondering if i could get a few tips since im building one for my accord. Im pretty much looking to get as much flex as possible with regular / slowed music, not necessarily spl. Would be nice if i could have both really good highs and lows though I have...

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Different types of Subwoofer Boxes and their purpose (Bandpass, Ported, Sealed) March 30, 2019 by Coleman Thedinger A pounding new subwoofer is probably the most fun and most noticeable upgrade you can make to your car’s audio system. While crystal clear mids and highs are something we’re all in pursuit of, it’s the bass that brings it all home. When it comes to choosing your subwoofers, choosing the boxes/enclosures for them, and choosing how to power and position them… the devil is in the…

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