Attack on titan funny

Get ready to laugh out loud with these funny Attack on Titan memes and jokes. Join the fandom and share the laughter with other fans of this popular anime series.
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||REQUESTS||~Open for: oneshots, scenarios. Parts with "●••●" around them mean that it contains ALL characters, ones without them do not include Niccolo, Colt, Yelena, Moblit. Female character X gender neutral reader Male character X female reader CHARACTERS INCLUDE: •Levi✔ •Eren✔ •Bertholdt✔ •Reiner✔ •Jean✔ •Armin✔ •Erwin✔ •Zeke✔ •Porco✔ •Hange✔ •Pieck✔ •Mikasa✔ •Mike✔ •Sasha •Kenny