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Polish Artist Creates 30 Uncomfortably Accurate Metaphors About The Ills Of Our Society (New Pics)

One clever conceptual illustration can tell more than words ever could. This is the true power of art—no borders or language limitations. Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski offers an honest look into our modern world through his brilliantly intelligent creative ideas that touch on globally important social, political, and economic issues. By masterfully blending artistic talent, social commentary, and satirical twists, Kuczynski accurately pokes at truths, flaws, social problems, and sometimes…

Saurabh Prasoon
I Create Thought Provoking Art To Show The Hidden Meaning Of Everyday Things | Bored Panda Symbolic Art Meaningful, Deep Meaning Artwork, Paintings With Deep Meaning, Paintings With Meaning, Thought Provoking Art, Deep Paintings, Metamorphosis Art, Meaningful Paintings, Contrast Art

I Create Thought Provoking Art To Show The Hidden Meaning Of Everyday Things

My name is Szymon Kot. I'm a painter and designer from Poland who would like to invite you into his world. Through my works, I try to change your point of view, show you the hidden meaning and the other side of the same coin.