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Immerse yourself in the world of art with these unique and captivating art show ideas. Explore different themes, mediums, and techniques to create an unforgettable experience.
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I’ve been teaching art for over 15 years and have taught every grade, K-12. In those years I have made resources and handouts helpful for the art room, contained classrooms, or homeschool parents. …

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An art exhibition show involves many expenses, from renting a venue to publicity, printing banners and providing food and drinks for the guests. The ideal way to cover these expenses is to find sponsors.

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Attention art teachers in need of help in putting on an art show- I have you covered! In this blog I am sharing all of the essential materials, methods and more to ensure the success of your school wide art show!

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When pondering the meteoric career of pop artist Keith Haring, the phrase “flash in the pan" is often uttered, but its relevance is up for debate. Dr. Timothy Leary, late psychologist and LSD poster boy, appreciated this description of his friend, despite its anticlimactic connotations, saying that...

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I've blogged about many of my art shows. You can read about the one from 2012 here and here; 2013 here and here and 2014 here and here! Well, it's that time o' year: ART SHOW TIME! I know for many of

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Looking for the most efficient way to hang student artwork for a school wide art show? Well look no further! Click through to follow the 6 easy steps that will save your time and your sanity and are art teacher approved!

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