Art class decorations

Transform your art class into an inspiring space with these creative decorations. Enhance the learning experience and spark creativity with these top ideas for art class decor.
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Classroom Management: A Simple Behavioral System that Kids Love!

Hey there! I tried a new classroom management system this past year and I LOVED it. I shared about it on my Instagram at the start of the school year but hesitated to do so here. I wanted to make sure it was a system I could stick with. If you've read my book, Art Teacherin' 101, then you know I ONLY do systems that are easy and ones I can keep up with. This it. Here's a video of just how it works: And if you need a refresher on my classroom management series (much more to come!)…

Elizabeth Harrison
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10 Eye Catching Teaching Visuals for the Art Room!

1 million years ago (ok, actually 14) when I walked into my first art room there was absolutely nothing in it. Other than tables and chairs, there were no supplies, no white board, no decor. Nada. I had taken a job at a brand new beautiful school which certainly had it’s perks (clean, brand new, not having to inherit a

Tamara Prince
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First Day of Art Class!

Well, all this week I've been experiencing my first day of art over and over and over. All y'all know what I'm talking about...with 20 classes, you have the joy of hearing yourself say the same things on loop. Most of my classes, kindergarten through 2nd, are 30 minutes in length. I thought I'd share today what I do in that very first 30 minute art class...and stay tuned. I'll be sharing my second day of art (and what I do with my hour long classes) later on this week. For now, here you go…

Jennifer Morgensen
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13 Art Classroom Jobs for Students

Discover ideas for art classroom jobs for students in my latest blog post. Learn how to assign and manage these roles to foster responsibility, independence, and a well-organized art room. Perfect for art teachers seeking effective strategies for student engagement at clean-up time.

Clare Ward
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How to Curate an Art Show for Students

I’ve been teaching art for over 15 years and have taught every grade, K-12. In those years I have made resources and handouts helpful for the art room, contained classrooms, or homeschool parents. …

Katie Collins