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Explore the fascinating culture and history of the Armenian people. Learn about their traditions, language, and contributions to art, music, and literature. Find inspiration and insights into the vibrant Armenian community.
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This is a subject that will certainly ruffle some feathers and potentially cost me more than a few subscribers. But I’m sitting home in quarantine with nothing better to do, so I thought to myself, it’s time for a good old fashioned digital controversy. All joking aside though, if you thought the “dolma wars” were […]

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Hello all, Today I wish to talk about one particular Armenian Costume. Armenian costumes have been understudied, and I feel that I have insufficient information on them. There was a classic study published by Arakel Patrik in 1967 and not much since. Most of the publications since then are a rehash of the same material, with mostly unsuccessful attempts at reconstruction. Someone, preferably with a knowledge of the language should undertake a collection of museum pieces which are scattered…

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