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Explore innovative projects to create your own Arduino remote control. Take control of your devices and discover endless possibilities with Arduino technology.
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433MHz 4Ch Remote Controller: This is a guide on how to make a 4CH 433MHz wireless transmitter and receiver to control just about anything you want, I connected 4 LED's just to demonstrate. I used the HT12D decoder and the HT12E encoder for this project and a cheap 433MHz RF tra…

How to Capture Remote Control Codes Using an Arduino and an IRreceiver : 3 Steps - Instructables Remote Control, Remote, Electronic Parts, Electronics Components, Electronics Basics, Electronics Gadgets, Basic Electronic Circuits, Electronics Mini Projects, Electronic Circuit Projects

How to Capture Remote Control Codes Using an Arduino and an IRreceiver: In this instructable I will show you how to write a small code to capture the remote control codes in Hexadecimal and decimal values. We will do this using the serial monitor that is embedded in the Arduino IDE. This will introduce you to a library …

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