Aquarium soil

Create a thriving aquatic environment with the best aquarium soil for your fish tank. Find out how to maintain water quality and provide essential nutrients for your underwater ecosystem.
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Owning an aquarium requires plenty of responsibilities to deal with. Just taking care of certain residents in the aquarium would not be enough until you make a progress in the bottom layer as well. This layer is known as substrate and mostly consists of sand and gravel. But these two elements are not enough if you care for the entire residents including plants. Hence, you must be thinking now about how to make aqua soil.

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Aquarium plants are an important addition to any aquatic environment, and nowadays it's possible to use aquarium plants that don't need soil. Setting up and maintaining an aquarium can be a hassle, which is why many enthusiasts look for ways to save on both time and money. Not using aquarium soil or substrate is one

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Written By: Chris (@shrimpery) If you're like most aquarium hobbyists, you probably grew up with a childhood aquarium that had a standard river gravel substrate. I personally never really thought about other types of substrate in the aquarium until I got into the planted side of things when I first learned about aquasoils and aquarium sand. Since then, I’ve made many mistakes in terms of aquarium substrate selection and layout. Here are some tips that will help you avoid making the same…

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Introducing the Guide To Planted Aquarium Aquascaping series where we'll be exploring various styles of aquascaping such as Nature, Dutch, Iwagumi, and Biotopes. We'll break them down in multiple blog posts with each explaining a certain style in depth along with how to recreate one for yourself to enjoy.

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