Apple bourbon

Experience the rich flavors of apple and bourbon with these delicious recipes. From cocktails to desserts, discover new ways to enjoy this delightful combination.
Recipe: Apple & Cinnamon Infused Bourbon — Gift Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn Foods, Makanan Dan Minuman, Food And Drink, Food, Liqueur, Koken, Rezepte, Food Gifts, Liqueurs Recipes

Looking for a little something to get you into the holiday spirit? Something that could go under the tree just as easily as in your glass? I’ve got just the thing: let’s infuse some bourbon with holiday flavors. Throwing apples and cinnamon into bourbon feels like the cozy, boozy, slow start that this holiday season needs. You in? Great. Let’s seize the holidays. I think you’ll be really surprised at how easy this is!

Leonora Pitts