Antoine bourdelle

Discover the fascinating world of Antoine Bourdelle, a renowned sculptor and artist. Learn about his inspirations, techniques, and masterpieces that have left a lasting impact on the art world.
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Antoine Bourdelle – along with Auguste Rodin – is one of the pioneers of 20th century monumental sculpture. The Musée Bourdelle in Paris has recently been given a lighting update with LED technology using ERCO’s photometric precision to enhance the dynamic style of Bourdelle’s sculptures for optimised three-dimensionality.

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Signature: On neck at left: BOURDELLE sculp...; on base, at right: ANTOINE/ BOURDELLE; On back of base, at bottom: Alexis Rudier./ Fondeur. Paris.Inscription: Inscribed on front of base: MOI JE SUIS/ BACCHUS QUI/ PRESSURE POUR/ LES HOMMES LE/ NECTAR DELICIEUX/ paroles de Van Beethoven

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