Antique restoration

Discover the art of antique restoration and bring back the timeless beauty of your cherished pieces. Our experts will breathe new life into your antiques, preserving their history for generations to come.
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You guys know I love the thrill of taking an old and poorly cared for piece of furniture, stripping it down and giving it a new take on life. But sometimes I feel like there is a call to respect the story of a piece. To leave the dings and scratches because they are part...

Judy Pardee
How to Clean Antique Furniture

Discover essential tips on preserving and caring for your cherished antique furniture! From gentle cleaning methods to maintenance hacks, ensure your heirlooms shine for generations to come. #AntiqueFurniture #FurnitureCare #PreservationTips #HistoricTreasures

Calais' McNeely