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Unleash your inner otaku with these stylish anime motorcycle designs. Explore the top ideas to ride in style and showcase your love for anime on the road.
Celty - She and Shizuo are my favorite characters from Durarara!! Anime, Cat Motorcycle Helmet, Cat Motorcycle, Celty Sturluson, Anime And Manga, Motorcycle Helmet, Anime Cat

Celty Sturluson (セルティ ストゥルルソン, Celty Sturluson), also known as The Black Rider or The Headless Rider, is an Irish fairy called a Dullahan who came to Japan looking for her stolen head. She lives with Shinra Kishitani and works as an underground transporter, wearing a helmet when she goes out to hide her lack of a head and communicating via PDA. Her motorcycle is a familiar called a Cóiste Bodhar in disguise, which she has named Shooter and whose favored alternate guise is a headless horse…

Claire Hutchinson