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Description PLEASE REPLY FROM THE HIGHEST BID ONLY OWNER CAN USE THIS DESIGN Auction Rules: ✧ This Auction will be closed 24 hours after the last bid, but not earlier than 48 hours after SB ✧ Payment via PayPal ________________________________________ Owner: Kinathis ________________________________________ By participating, you agree to the following rules : ✧ No refund ✧ Sold items are not returnable ✧ You can change the details of clothing or color ✧ It would be pleasant to me if you'd…

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Timi's Uniform-Blue is a dress item. It can be bought from the Clothes Store for 134 . A white blouse with folded collar and a short burgundy tie. Over this is a blue vest with four golden buttons on the torso and a knee-length pleat skirt with two white lines on the hem. Timi's Uniform-Tartan: 2 , 10

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Hi, I am Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse! Our family is absolutely obsessed with all things Halloween and so each year I freehand crochet fully body costumes, with no pattern, for my children. Sometimes they are from classic 80s movies, other times from whatever movie or toy is popular at the time. Once they choose their costumes, I begin on bringing their costumes to life.

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