Animal tails

Explore the incredible world of animal tails and learn about the unique functions and adaptations they serve. From camouflage to communication, find inspiration from nature's remarkable appendages.
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Jun 9, 2021 - Description PLEASE CHECK THE WEEBLY FOR EACH THAT HAS A STAR MARK! I'm finally done, took me 6 hours in total to finish this sheet just as the rest hoho/ I'll add the robotic tail later, the same goes to the empty slots, as there will be more tails added. sleep I go - - * Piñata; Can be long or short. * Hair-tail; Set up/ pinned or loose. * Objects; Keys, laces, rope, chains etc. * Aquatic; Shark tail or fish tail. * Element; Fire, ice, stone, liquids, smoke etc…

Елена Смоленская