Animal instinct

Discover the wild side within you with these exciting ideas that will let you embrace your animal instinct. Explore unique ways to incorporate this theme into your life and unleash your inner beast.
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Day 2 We have been stumbling through this dense, moist forest for weeks. The only thing we hear are screachin' animals in the undergrowth around us and this utterly strange fluttering sound of these giant moths. I've got the feeling these goddamn insects are following us 'round. Mylord seems to be calm and it doens't bother him as much as it bothers me. Day 3 The goddamn horses ran off today. We were passing some kind of old shrine of wha'ever god and these stupid animals lost their freakin'…

Unang boy
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Some folks hate squirrels. Yeah. They consider them pests, much like opossums or moles. They call them "big rats with fluffy tails." Sure, they might steal a few seeds from the bird feeder or chew a few wires, but these animals definitely should get more love.

Margaret Ann "Annie" Davis