Ancient fountain

Transform your outdoor space with the charm of ancient fountains. Explore top ideas to add a touch of history and tranquility to your garden or patio.
Unveiling the Enchantment of Pool Fountains by Ancient Surfaces Ancient Fountain, Limestone Pool, Pool Fountains, Pool Fountain, Stone Masonry, The Enchantments, Past And Present, Pool Area, Water Flow

Unveiling the Enchantment of Pool Fountains by Ancient Surfaces

In a world where modern luxury often overshadows the elegance of history, Ancient Surfaces invites you to step into a realm where the past and present coalesce in an exquisite dance. Here, limestone pool fountains are not just mere installations but the embodiment of a timeless legacy. As we embark on this journey, we'll unravel the artistry and technical ingenuity behind these enchanting creations, unveiling a world where the whispers of centuries past blend seamlessly with the soothing…

Daniel de Oliveira
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Roman Fountains

Illustrations from a history of Rome's fountains published in 1966. Its overall look reminds me that many commercial products of the 1960s remained faithful to the aesthetic formality of the 1950s. Maderno's fountain in the Piazza of St. Peter's Detail of the Pantheon fountain One of the four lions guarding the Moses fountain Fountain of the Snail at the Villa Doria-Pamphili Detail of the fountain at Santa Maria in Trastevere Fountain called La Barcaccia in the Piazza di Spagna Figure of…

Trixie Vasquez