American robin

Learn about the behavior, habitat, and migration patterns of the American Robin. Find tips on attracting these beautiful birds to your garden and enjoy their melodious songs.
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The American robin (Turdus migratorius) is a member of the family Turdidae. The male and female of this species look alike, except the male has a darker head and brighter or deeper red chest. The head is black or gray, with a brown white eye ring and striping under the throat. The American Robin's wings are gray or dark brown, along with its tail. Both the male and female have brick red coverts and brown legs. Females, however, have a gray head rather then a darker one. Males are more…

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Common Grackles are large, lanky blackbirds with long legs and long tails. You will often find Common Grackles in large flocks, flying or foraging in grass and agricultural fields. They strut on their long legs, pecking for food. At feeders, common Grackles dominate the smaller birds. Males are slightly larger than females. Bird. Birds. Animal photography. Nature photography. Beautiful creatures. #bird #birds #animal #nature #beautiful #photography #Wisconsin #wi #grackle #blackbird…

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