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Keep your American Girl doll collection organized with these smart storage solutions. Find creative ways to store and display your dolls while keeping them safe and easily accessible.
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Doll storage and organization can be challenging with a large collection or if you are short on space. Throughout my collecting years I have dealt with both. My collection started with two childhood dolls and two outfits. About fifteen years ago I began consistently adding to my collection and now have 134 dolls and lots of outfits. Before I had a doll room, I stored my dolls and furniture pieces on three bookshelves in an unused dining room. As my collection outgrew the bookcases I would…

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I've known since I started collecting American Girl that I was going to need something HUGE to display my dolls and their gigantic furniture. I read on various AG boards that some people have Pax wardrobes from Ikea. I decided it was my favorite method of displaying AG items, and went out to get one for myself! I finally built it, rearranged my room, and found a space to put it in two nights. I found out after it was all put together that I skipped a step and nailed the back on upside down…

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Like most young girls, my 7-year-old daughter is obsessed with American Girl and similar doll lines such as Target’s Our Generation and Wal-Mart’s My Life brands. She loves to dress each doll up for the day, change them into pajamas and tuck them into doll beds at night. Through birthdays and Christmases over the years, […]

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