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Explore a collection of healthy and delicious recipes that are part of the American diet. Discover flavorful dishes that will satisfy your taste buds and keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle.
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Do you find yourself struggling to make healthy food and lifestyle choices? Do you see and feel the effects of your diet on your body and mind? Well, you’re not alone. SAD is an abbreviation for Standard American Diet, and it is (sadly) a very poor one. Diets that are full of sugar, highly...

Donna John
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I use to be crazy addicted to sugar. Like I would obsess about the candy in my home, I couldn't just let it sit. I had to eat it! It wasn't until I figured out why I was having sugar cravings that it finally stopped! This article explains WHY you are craving sugar, how to break that & the incredible benefits from saying goodbye to sugar cravings!

Catina D'Achille
No matter what diet you follow or where you are on your own journey to better health, we won’t bash your diet. We will, however, teach you a thing or two about real food to make your journey easier. || Real Food Dietitians #diet #healthylife #therealfoodrds

We don't believe that one diet fits all so this is why we won't bash your diet (but we will teach you a thing or two about real food and how to use it to improve any diet you choose).

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