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Discover the incredible world of Marvel as you dive into the stories of all your favorite characters. From superheroes to villains, unleash your inner fan and embark on an epic adventure.
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Do you want some helpful tips? No? Well, I'll tell you anyway! You can use real names or superhero names, so you may be able to use one character for two letters. Punctuation matters! There are nearly 3,500 applicable answers, so you have plenty to choose from. Good luck!

Margaret Stecker
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When MODOK rears his ugly head, there's only one team of heroes you can count on to save the day: the Avengers. But Tony Stark and Steve Rogers don't just lead the coolest team, but the most lovable team in the Marvel universe. (Sorry, X-Men.) And tons of artists have captured the surpassing cuteness of the Avengers,…

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