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Capture the joy and love of adoption with these heartwarming photography ideas. Celebrate the special moments and create lasting memories with your new family.
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“The second Michael caught a glimpse of his brother from across the playground, he ran with all his might and jumped into his arms. We…

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These "kids" are officially brothers and sisters!!! (I say "kids" but the older boys are by no means kids!) Their parents (Stephanie and Ray) finalized the adoption of the three little ones about two months ago. What a wonderful feeling that must be! The love in this family is papable. I adored watching the interactions between the older and younger children. I can just imagine how fun family holidays and events are with these six! Despite having to work very hard to keep the three little…

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Let’s remember our childhoods for a second. Happy-go-lucky times of joy and, sometimes, annoyance: our parents asking us to wash the dishes, to move away from the TV screen to not ruin our eyes, dressing up in 50 layers to not freeze in autumnal weather. The common denominator, though: the hugs, the warmth, the care, the love. And yet, some children have no such memories.