Abandoned buildings

Discover the haunting allure of abandoned buildings and uncover their hidden stories. Explore top ideas for capturing the haunting beauty of these forgotten places.

Some find the abandoned places creepy, while others consider them exciting and they are even eager to explore them. Since not everyone has the opportunity as well as the necessary skills to go on an adventure themselves and travel to these eerie destinations, other explorers make sure they capture their discoveries and share them with a wider audience on their social media. We all agree these places are not for everyone to visit, but we must admit that the photographs showcasing these unique…

Melkorka Reynisdóttir
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German street artist EVOL transforms banal urban surfaces into miniature lifelike buildings. He is like an urban planner, but unlike the others, he creates a city within the city.The artist uses complicated stencils to quickly transform powerboxes, and other worn urban surfaces into miniature apartment buildings or other structures.

Verna Fontenot
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Welcome to “Evil Buildings”, an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing the captivating allure of strange and uncanny constructions spotted around the world. With more than 77 thousand followers, this community celebrates architectural marvels that seem straight out of a superhero movie, fit for a supervillain or an evil corporation. Sounds exciting, right?

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Most of us find architecture fascinating. The built environment around us reflects the history and culture of a place that can shape our experiences and perceptions of an area. However, not all the buildings stand the test of time and many are left to decay. For some, they become unwanted ghosts of the past; for others, they are objects of mystery and awe.

Jonathan Brickman
A Peculiar Ghost is Haunting Europe's Abandoned Castles Abandoned Castles, Ruins, Haunted Forest, Eerie Places, Abandoned Places, Abandoned Forest, Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Garden, Abandoned Garden Aesthetic

© Jim Carroll / Peculiar Ghost France has over 30,000 castles, and sadly a large number of them are abandoned or at risk. But let's meet the peculiar ghost on a quest to haunt them through his lens... © Jim Carroll / Peculiar Ghost © Jim Carroll / Peculiar Ghost French photographer and

babe with the power
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part of the changing face of Saint-Henri Nothing much to say except this abandoned factory in Saint-Henri is either a blight to some or a thing of decayed beauty. I say both. I wonder when they'll ever demolish it but then again it's such part of the Montreal landscape and the entire rusty structure is so oppressively spooky/creepy than it's going to be a sad day when it's gone. It's a good reminder of the past, something most people don't want to deal with.

Kristen Hadaway